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CPA Exam Journey a Bit Bumpy? Hop on the Right Road!

Why spend $3,000, Get the full i-75 CPA Review Course, All 4 Parts until you pass, no other materials needed, for only $599! Take i-75 to Your Next Pass! Sign Up NowCPA Exam Journey a Bit Bumpy? Hop on the Right Road!

i-75 Hall Of Fame

lady cpa

JaJuan Williams aka “the lady CPA”

August 15, 2019

M.B.A Acc President The Lady CPA Inc, CFO Benefits Inc

I could not have done this without the help of Darius videos. The details of his lectures can not be experienced with the traditional study material. I hate to call them lectures I would rather refer to them as interactive study sessions. To get over the hurdle I highly recommend CPA Exam Tutoring

Kendall Reith

July 30, 2019

Assistant Controller

I was struggling to pass Audit and a fellow CPA exam candidate suggested Darius Clark’s i-75 course. His lectures were easy to understand and follow along with. My exam score went up by 8 points and I finally passed! I am now done with all the exams.Thanks, Darius!

Corey Crone

August 5, 2019

Audit & Assurance Associate at Deloitte

For CPA Exam candidates who can not pass via Becker, Darius is your guy. Where Becker’s style is stale and hours of talking AT you,Darius teaches in a way that makes practical sense. I wish I had found Darius sooner. I have the confidence that anyone will be prepared using Darius’s videos and hard work!

Steven Cohan

August 5, 2019

AVP at Imowitz Koenig & Co., LLP

Darius was awesome, and really simplified the information for me. He helped me pass FAR, using his material and tutoring sessions via Skype were extremely helpful to walk through tough concepts and questions.

Julie Bendtsen

August 10, 2019

Asset Accountant – Asset Services at Cushman & Wakefield

Darius’s I-75 course is top notch! His videos really break down the material in a clear and concise manner for ANYONE to understand. His approach gives you the base knowledge, whereas other review programs give you very high level. I recommend his course who anyone who needs the topics to be thoroughly explained. I was using another review course and really was not liking it. I found Darius and have been able to pass 3 out of 4 of the exams and plan on passing the next within no time. Thanks for your help Darius!

Laura Guo

Sr. Analyst at TT Electronics plc
May 27, 2019,
“Darius and the i-75 videos make the learning process enjoyable and effective. From preparing and sitting for the first CPA exam section to the last CPA exam section, it took 5 months to pass all four sections with single attempt for each section. Darius’s way of teaching provides an exceptional way to help people understand the knowledge and reason for each concept. Darius is extremely supportive to his students!”

Zohaib Zafar

Associate Analyst II at AML RightSource
June 19, 2019,
“I passed REG because Darius is extremely knowledgeable, easy to understand and concise!”

Carmen Mejia

Passed all four parts of the CPA Exam!
June 21, 2019

When I found Darius I had passed REG and had failed BEC a couple times. Once I started using his materials I passed FAR and AUD on the first try and conquered my beast BEC to complete my CPA journey. Hear me when I say there is NO other CPA review software like his!! He takes the most complex materials and breaks it down in a very simplistic way so that anyone from recent grad to a seasoned professional can understand.. Thank you Darius!!

Jeffrey Morrison, CPA, CMA

Accounting Services
June 20, 2019,

“I used Darius Clark’s videos to help me study for all 4 CPA exams. I originally started with a test prep provider that I struggled with. After I switched over to i-75 and Darius Clark, I then passed all 4 exams. I wouldn’t have been able to pass any parts without the i-75 CPA Review Course. Darius is a wizard at teaching this stuff. If you want to pass the CPA exams, get on i-75! “

Deepa Atal

Chartered Accountant and Legal Professional, CPA Candidate
June 23, 2019,

“Really thankful to Darius for the i-75 course. I passed my Regulation exam with a 78 in just 18-20 days of studies with only the i-75 course. The material was so easy to understand and most of the MCQs on the exam were similar to the i-75 question bank . As my concepts were clear enough to understand the topics , I could easily complete the sims in the exam . I am really happy that I am done with Regulation in such less time of studying and even now I can recollect the provisions of law as I was able to understand them completely. All thanks to Darius and his i-75 course. ”

Gregory Griffith

Controller at Houston International Insurance Group
June 21, 2019,
“Darius makes the video lessons so straight forward and easy to listen to. The practice questions are exactly on point. I was able to score a 90 on BEC by using i-75 CPA Review!”

Lisa Mcallister

Funding Specialist at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
May 9, 2019

“Darius, I want to thank you for providing such an effective and exceptional study review program! I was studying for the FAR portion of the exam using a few other study programs when a fellow CPA candidate highly recommended your program stating I should try yours.
From the first few minutes of listening to your videos, I was completely sold!! I remember stating to myself, “now this makes sense”. I now understood the reasoning behind the handling of items. Knowing the reasons why principles are applied certainly makes it easier to understand and apply the concepts. The extra special bonus of your I-75 program is affordability which makes it a perfect fit for everyone. Please continue providing such an exceptional program that will benefit many future CPA candidates. ”

David Lauer

Assurance Associate, Alternative Investments at PwC
March 24, 2019,

“What do you get when you combined spectacular teaching skills, with incredibly organized, and concise videos? You get Darius Clark’s I-75 Courses!  Before starting with Darius, I was going through the motions, not passing my exams, and just felt like I wasn’t progressing. After starting with Darius, I passed FAR and AUD on which I had previously failed and am feeling confident about passing my final two exams. I HIGHLY recommend Darius and his videos. They are a complete game changer. Thank you Darius!”

Torie Sutton, MBA

CEO at Emerge Tax and Financial Services
June 27, 2018,
“Thanks to Darius I was able to conquer the FAR section of the CPA exam. even though many of the FAR concepts were new to me.  CPA Exam Tutoring videos took complex concepts and really made it plain for me.  The I-75 courses contain so much great knowledge at such a bargain price.  Thanks again!”  Torie 

Veteran CPA

Shaun Johnson, CPA

Tax at PwC
February 7, 2018,
“Darius helped me with all four sections. I went into every exam with the confidence that I was ready for whatever the examiners wanted to throw my way. He is extremely gifted at what he does in making difficult topics easy to understand and remember. He is one of the most organized and professional and committed teachers I have ever had. I cannot say enough great things about him. Thanks again, Darius!”

Kiru Kamesh

Accounting Manager | Experienced Accountant | Financial Analyst | Corporate Operations
March 19, 2019
“Darius lectures are extremely good. He clearly explains concepts and make even lay man understand it. I passed REG only with help of his lectures. I would give 5 stars and if you buy his lectures and write exam you wont be disappointed!”

Anton Sugumar

Accountant , Analyst, Passed all parts of the CPA exam
November 30, 2017
Darius has the best teaching I have found to prepare for the CPA. I understood topics which I thought were difficult with ease. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in preparing for the CPA. You wont regret it.

Sharan Grewal

Supervisor, Assurance & Advisory
March 22, 2019, 
“I highly recommend the i-75 courses! Darius does such an excellent job teaching the material with great examples that you truly understand the topic. It is like you are in an actual classroom. I originally used Wiley and some of the instructors were so hard to follow but I did not have the same issues with Darius’s lectures… stuff actually made sense.
Anyone struggling with the concepts should try i-75 without hesitation and you will be glad that you did.”

Brock Delaney

February 14, 2019, 
“The I-75 material is the best I’ve seen. Darius teaches you what you need to know instead of overloading you with information. I had failed to pass the CPA exams after numerous attempts, but these I-75 courses helped me pass all four parts in just a few months!”

Divya Nair

Accounting Specialist at Altrua HealthShare
April 11, 2019
“I used to always watch Darius videos on you tube. It was so easy to understand so I took the much needed decision to buy his review course for FAR and BEC.  He does several MCQ after explaining a topic which is very helpful while attempting the practice exams. I am not sure why there is so much hype about Becker/Roger/Yaeger. Darius videos are much better than any of the popular CPA review courses. More CPA candidates should know about his videos. Thank you Darius !”

Supriya Rajaraman

Senior Project Controller at Deloitte
September 12, 2018,
“I passed REG at first attempt with the help of Darius I-75 REG Course. His video explanations are easy to follow and I wish I had discovered them sooner.  I strongly recommend CPAexamTutoring.com and Darius’s I-75 Courses. 

Musammat S Begum

Assistant Tax Manager at The Execu|Search Group
December 12, 2018
After failing my first exam, REG, using Wiley, I needed to find a study material that will meet my expectation. After using Darius’s video bundles and I-75 course, I was able to pass REG with a score of over 80. Darius makes all the videos with a high level of understanding. From his video bundles, I haven’t just learned the information to pass the exam, I feel I know more now than I ever have. I would like to thank Darius for making it easy for us. I would highly recommended the I-75 Review course to all the CPA candidates who want to pass their exam on 1st try.

Stephen Halbrook II

Principal at Schellman & Company, LLC
September 12, 2018
“It is with much joy that I write you to say that I passed!!  I can’t thank you enough for all of your help to get through these exams!!  You are so good at what you do – thank you!  Please let me what more I can do to help spread the word about you, write a review, etc.  I do know that there are others here at the firm that will be reaching out to you much like Avani, Kristen, Doug and I did. “

Kristen Wilbur, CISSP, CISA

Senior Manager at Schellman & Company, LLC
March 8, 2018
Hi Darius! I wanted to let you know that I found out that I passed my FAR exam- with an 87 to boot! I couldn’t have done it without your i-75 Course. I literally didn’t know what a debit and credit was.

Doug Kanney

Principal at Schellman & Company, LLC
June 1, 2018
Darius has a great way of explaining for people that aren’t doing accounting day in and day out. I passed all four parts by using the I-75 courses and I am very thankful. Darius has helped several people at our firm.

Alesia Wright

  Accounting Professional-Jamaica
February 28, 2019, 

“I purchased Darius I-75 course with the hope of ending my struggle with trying to pass REG and now I am speechless; scored 88 the highest of my scores! As an international student, I found it hard to grasp the US tax concepts and Darius really broke the concepts down for me; even business law. I have no doubt that his course would have saved me the failures on previous attempts, had I known about it sooner.   The videos are so easy to follow that now I can have a meaningful conversation in US taxation in the real world.  I was recommended by a friend to Darius and now I highly recommend Darius to you.”

Jua Barlow

Assurance Senior Associate at PwC
January 21, 2019, 
“I only used Darius’s course and passed REG! I have used many other resources for the other subjects, and I wish I had known about Darius, would have saved me so much time. I studied the shortest amount of time for REG compared to other subjects because Darius will teach you exactly what you need to know to pass the exam. I love how he goes through questions right after he teaches you a concept because it really sticks with you. His lectures are easy to focus on because he doesn’t sound like he is reading from a script. I highly recommend Darius for anyone studying for the CPA exams.”

Andrew Scherping

Assurance Associate at PwC
January 2, 2019,
“I cannot emphasize enough how helpful Darius was for me to pass. I found Darius after I failed twice. I tried to use the same material I had used previously, and realized I was getting nowhere.  Darius helped me understand, not just memorize.  I ended up getting my highest score of any of the exams, which is shocking after considering how badly I was struggling before. IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH THE CPA I highly suggest contacting Darius immediately! Darius understands how to teach the material and you will feel like an expert when you take the CPA Exam!”  

Hailee Gilbreath, CPA

First Assistant County Auditor at McLennan County
January 11, 2019, 
“My CPA Journey has by far been the hardest thing I have ever signed up for. I continued to struggle and fail test after test. I first found Darius on youtube and the way he explained the material made everything more clear than any other material I had used before. It was direct and to the point. I was retaking REG and passed with an 81! I then purchased all the I-75 material for AUD and it was the first exam I had passed the first time with a 78! I have also reached out to Darius multiple times and he has been nothing but encouraging and helpful in all of our interactions.

Wesley Kirtz

Account Manager at Bookkeeping & Management Systems, Inc.
January 3, 2019,
“Darius’ I-75 course is a must-purchase! After finally pulling the trigger and buying the videos, I knew they were top notch and going to play a major role in my success. I purchased all four exams and it was the best money I spent on the entire CPA journey. Listening at 2x speed allowed me to get through each video 2-3 times. I passed all the exams on the first attempt and attribute that success to Darius! Highly recommend!”  

Lily Creighton

Senior Consultant – Financial Services Advisory at EY
December 29, 2018,
“Thanks to Darius I passed AUD and BEC in a short amount of time.Darius crafts his lectures in a way that makes difficult topics easy to understand.  Come test day you will not have to rely on memorization. You will feel prepared and confident that you can tackle any type of problem. Darius, I cannot thank you enough for helping me prepare for the CPA test. “

Simon Markovitch

Audit Associate at KPMG
December 19, 2018,
“I now know why many of my peers referred me to Darius and his extensive CPA review courses. His I-75 courses are very easy to use and navigate. Darius breaks down the material far better than any other CPA course on the market.” 

Candace Sonne

Owner at Sonne Castle & Company, LLC
December 19, 2018
“CPAexamTutoring.com is the best thing that has happened to me. I used it exclusively and passed the first time.  Darius’ teaching makes you understand the concepts in a way that will benefit you way beyond just passing the test, it will help you in your career.” 

Sandip Kumar Padhi

January 1, 2019,
“I highly recommend the I-75 CPA Exam tutoring, and Mr. Darius .  He is amazing!.  His unique style of teaching makes you relax and confident on CPA Exams. I-75 videos helped me to pass CPA with Good Marks. I am thankful to Mr. Darius and wish him all the success in his teaching profession.”  

Michelle Valentino

Senior Audit Associate, KPMG LLP
August 1, 2018,

“Darius was excellent! With his help and the “video bundles” I was able to get REG over the finish line and complete my CPA journey! One topic that I struggled with (and could not find anyone to clarify) was like-kind exchanges. Within 45 mins of the session I was crushing questions! He really helps you understand the “why” instead of just memorizing. I blew through these questions on the test with confidence! Plus he is a really nice human”

Naim Kaplan

Audit associate
December 19, 2018,
“I attribute my CPA success to Darius and his wonderful course he so effectively compiled over the years. It truly is the best money I have ever spent. My only regret is not starting with this course sooner than I did!” I rarely write reviews but this is truly well deserved. I first used Becker for the REG portion of the CPA and struggled to get certain concepts. Upon switching to Darius and the I-75 course, things became very clear and understandable and I proud to say I passed, thank you Darius!”  

Heather Jercinovic, CTP

Supervisor Accounting and Treasury
September 11, 2018,
“After attempting FAR twice and missing it by 3 and then 2 points I was frustrated and felt very discouraged. I was referred to Darius by a friend.  The way Darius explains things  makes all the difference, so much easier to follow and understand than Becker’s videos. Darius broke out the concepts to understand the why, and that’s what I was missing.  I felt way more confident and it paid off! I raised my score by 14 points and passed FAR! I have now successfully completed the CPA exam! Thank you Darius! ”  

Matthew Seymour

Manager, Finance Operations at Hair Club
December 22, 2018,
“I found Darius’ videos and I’m glad I did. I ended up passing all 4 parts just with the I-75 CPA review course. I tried Roger CPA and Becker but Darius videos were better.. and cheaper. Definitely worth it.”

Andrew Gay

Accountant at Grimsley and Company CPA’s PA
September 11, 2018,
“I have officially passed all four parts of the CPA exam and that would not have been possible if I had not discovered cpaexamtutoring.com. and the Video Bundles. I will tell every CPA candidate I know moving forward that they are not truly prepared for a CPA exam until they get on I-75!”

Sydney Grunwald

Digital Risk Solutions Associate at PwC
July 11, 2018
“Hi Darius, I wanted to let you know that I passed REG! Thank you so much for your help. I know that your I-75 Course was the main reason I was able to pass REG!  I will definitely be sure to pass your name along to my friends and colleagues. Thanks!

Julia Haried

Audit and Assurance at Deloitte and Co-Founder of MakerGirl
April 24, 2018,
“Darius’ videos are the best topic overviews and explanations that I have found (vs. Becker, Wiley, etc.). His detail and explanations are easy to follow, understand, and therefore remember. I highly recommend his I-75 Course to anyone wishing to study for the CPA exams. The I-75 Course provides excellent value, and is very reasonably priced!” 

Joseph Komolafe, CPA

July 3, 2018
“Darius is a great teacher. His I-75 Courses break down multiple choice questions and simulations so when you see them on exam day you have confidence. I would recommend Darius and his I-75 courses to anyone looking to pass the CPA exam.”

Diana Short, MAcc

Staff Accountant at Asurion
June 29, 2018,
“I highly recommend Darius and the I-75 Course to anyone trying to pass the CPA Exam.  I found the videos to be very helpful, thorough, and easy to understand. Darius helps you to actually comprehend the material instead of memorizing it. The videos are an amazing value for the price and made all the difference as I just passed my final exams with scores of 78 and 81!”

Jonathan Packer

Student at Yeshiva University
August 30, 2018,
“It’s not often that you are recommended by a friend to try something and then when you try it, it’s even better than you had expected. This is exactly what happened when I started with Darius and the I-75 Course. Darius is able to teach the topics on the CPA exam in an extremely effective way. After failing REG once with another CPA exam review course, I switched over to Darius’s materials and quickly passed REG. I give Darius a score of 11 out of 10.”

Liyun Sun

Professional Accountant
August 30, 2018,
“I passed REG at first attempt with Darius videos! As a working Mom, I don’t have sufficient time to prepare for my CPA exam. Darius ‘s video not only helped me summarize all the material I need focus on , but also saved me hours of study time.

Nagi Patibandla, MS, MBA

Vice President at Bank of America
January 5, 2018,
“Darius helped me with REG section which was my last section. I was weak in Entity Taxation. Darius helped me tremendously with his teaching and wonderful course. His I-75 Course is nuanced with details that are very important for REG section. I appreciate his help and would strongly recommend him.”

Joy Semar A. Fajardo-Lu, CPA

Greater Chicago Area
January 20, 2019
“My weakness is theories and memorization, that’s why I hate AUD.  Becker videos always put me to sleep and teach me to memorize instead of understanding the concepts.  I purchased Darius I-75 Audit Course. I highly recommend these videos. Darius Clark is absolutely awesome and the way he explains concepts are very easy to understand and absorb. I passed AUD with a grade of 89% because of him. He is brilliant, the best reviewer of them all. Thank you Darius!

Randon Lester, MS, CFP®

Customer Success & Coaching at Advizr
June 27, 2018,
“Working with Darius was the absolute best decision I have ever made. Prior to working with him I didn’t pass any sections. Once I started working with him I passed all 4 sections while working full time. Darius knows how to pass these exams and he’ll get you there. Darius makes his own study materials and his I-75 Course Videos are amazingly easy to follow and learn from and will teach you what you need to know. Don’t waste any more time, get on I-75 today and pass all 4 sections once and for all!”

Lorin Stoeckle, CPA

Senior Internal Auditor at MINDBODY, Inc.
May 9, 2018
I reached out to Darius when I was at a loss on how to pass REG and was facing losing BEC. I came to him with a goal to master Taxation on Entities as it was a consistent weak point on my score results. With Darius and the I-75 Course , I fully understood the material from beginning to end, backward and forward. The outcome of my exam was amazing – I scored stronger on Taxation on Entities and passed my last exam without losing BEC. I will be a CPA thanks to Darius. Thank you so much.

Paul Micheli, CPA

Staff Accountant at A. Uzzo & Company
March 22, 2018
Working with Darius was a gift! I found out this afternoon that I passed the FAR exam with my best score of all 4 exams!!! Thanks Darius for all the help and for making the information so accessible and easy to understand. Darius’ methodic explanation of the core concepts makes Becker look like a foreign language. If you are looking to pass the CPA exam, Darius is the answer.

Mickey Kerr, CPA

Public Accounting
April 22, 2018
Darius’ services are high impact and zero fluff. They are the answer for anyone looking to master difficult topics in the least amount of time and with the least amount resources. He has taken the mystery out of the cpa exam and boiled it down to a science.

Jennifer Prashad

Senior Business Risk Analyst at Guardian Life
June 30, 2018

Darius, I am so excited to write that I am done! I received my scores for AUD and BEC during score release for this quarter. Your I-75 videos have made the difference in the areas where I was struggling. It helps you understand the concepts versus having to memorize.

Julie Albanese, CPA

Accounting Manager at Flywheel Sports
October, 24, 2018
If it wasn’t for Darius, I would not be in the position I am today. The I-75 Courses have helped me tremendously as I was struggling to get my first passing score while working full time and long hours. Darius is extremely helpful and makes you understand the concepts that other CPA exam courses rush through. Even the more challenging concepts will become easy once you go through his videos. I would highly recommend him for anyone striving to become a CPA. Thanks Darius!

i-75 Course

i-75 CPA Review

Tutor and CPA, Darius Clark now offers the i-75 course! A complete 4 part CPA review course for $599! A quarter of the price of Becker and Wiley.The i-75 Course has about an 84% Passing Rate and your chances rise even higher when you include a tutoring option.

Tutoring Student

Welcome to CPA Exam Tutoring

84% Passing Rate

Our course has an 84% Passing Rate in 2019! Higher than all of our competition! The national CPA exam passing rate is lower than 50%

Completely Based on the AICPA Blueprint!

All of our lectures, videos, quizzes, and study content is all based on the topics that the AICPA blueprint outlines! This insures you learn and retain the right information and get completely prepared!

#1 Most Recommended Course!

The i-75 Course has more recommendations than Becker, Wiley, Surgent, Gleim, and all the rest! Check our i-75 Hall of Fame or Darius Clark's linked in profile to see them all!

Our Premium Video Lectures are rated #1 in the Entire Industry!

Every Video is a handpicked topic recorded by Darius himself. All outlined with the clearest instructions to follow. All based on the AICPA Blueprint!

The Full i-75 Course has about 5,000 multiple choice questions

Our carefully selected questions are all based on the AICPA Blueprint and very likely to appear on the exam. No distracting outlier questions!

Live One-on-One Tutoring Sessions with Darius Clark!

Completely Unique to i-75. We offer our very own one-on-one Private Tutoring option. You get hands on help with the “kingmaker” Darius Clark himself! Add 10+ Points to Your CPA Exam Score With just a few Sessions with Darius!

Those Who Passed the i-75 Course in Q3 2019
Those who passed the CPA Exam Recently using i-75! David REG, with a 92!, Corey BEC, Yancy BEC, Chandni REG and Audit, Lindsey BEC, Bobby A. FAR, Arthur FAR, Anne BEC, Sandy BEC & AUD, Cassidy FAR, Nathaniel REG, Yash BEC, JaJuan FAR & BEC, Pratham AUD, Rita REG & AUD, Hashi FAR, Beemish REG and BEC, Tanner Audit and BEC, Nirav FAR, Mark REG, Gregory BEC, Arthur REG, Concordio BEC and REG, Andrea Audit and FAR, Natalia FAR, Carmen BEC, Henry REG, Sadi AUD, Hannah REG, Shannon AUD, Deepa REG, Ira AUD, Olu REG, David BEC, Merryl REG, Ezra FAR, Jacob G BEC, Dexter AUD and REG, Laura FAR, Lindsey AUD and REG, Mary BEC and AUD, Stephanie AUD, Jordan FAR, Cornelia REG, Rich BEC, Brad BEC, Sarah BEC, Natalie FAR, Diana FAR, Steven C. FAR, Simran BEC, Luke REG, Beemish AUD and FAR, Carmen BEC, Saul BEC and REG Jen FAR, Nathan FAR, Lisa Audit, Abby FAR, Joseph REG, Zachary REG, Jeffrey REG, Sharan BEC, Josh AUD and REG, Natalia FAR, Michael REG, Lily REG, Shalaka BEC, Thereze REG, Alesia REG, Hailee FAR, Lisa REG, Joy BEC, Brett FAR, Lynn AUD, Beth FAR, Lara AUD, Stephen A. FAR, Mick AUD,

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