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Finally, A CPA Review Course with Easy To Follow Videos!

91% Passing Rate! More Candidates Passed using i-75 in 2019 than any other. Get the Full i-75 Course Until You Pass! No other Study Materials Needed. All 4 Parts (FAR, Audit, BEC, REG, for only $699! Save $2,000 with the i-75 CPA Exam Review Course! Sign UpFinally, A CPA Review Course with Easy To Follow Videos!

i-75 Hall Of Fame

lady cpa

JaJuan Williams aka “the lady CPA”

August 15, 2019

M.B.A Acc President The Lady CPA Inc, CFO Benefits Inc

I could not have done this without the help of Darius videos. The details of his lectures can not be experienced with the traditional study material. I hate to call them lectures I would rather refer to them as interactive study sessions. To get over the hurdle I highly recommend CPA Exam Tutoring

Veteran CPA

Shaun Johnson, CPA

Tax at PwC
February 7, 2018,
“Darius helped me with all four sections. I went into every exam with the confidence that I was ready for whatever the examiners wanted to throw my way. He is extremely gifted at what he does in making difficult topics easy to understand and remember. He is one of the most organized and professional and committed teachers I have ever had. I cannot say enough great things about him. Thanks again, Darius!”

Julie Albanese, CPA

Accounting Manager at Flywheel Sports
October, 24, 2018
If it wasn’t for Darius, I would not be in the position I am today. The I-75 Courses have helped me tremendously as I was struggling to get my first passing score while working full time and long hours. Darius is extremely helpful and makes you understand the concepts that other CPA exam courses rush through. Even the more challenging concepts will become easy once you go through his videos. I would highly recommend him for anyone striving to become a CPA. Thanks Darius!

Jennifer Prashad

Senior Business Risk Analyst at Guardian Life
June 30, 2018

Darius, I am so excited to write that I am done! I received my scores for AUD and BEC during score release for this quarter. Your I-75 videos have made the difference in the areas where I was struggling. It helps you understand the concepts versus having to memorize.

Julie Bendtsen

August 10, 2019

Asset Accountant – Asset Services at Cushman & Wakefield

Darius’s I-75 course is top notch! His videos really break down the material in a clear and concise manner for ANYONE to understand. His approach gives you the base knowledge, whereas other review programs give you very high level. I recommend his course who anyone who needs the topics to be thoroughly explained. I was using another review course and really was not liking it. I found Darius and have been able to pass 3 out of 4 of the exams and plan on passing the next within no time. Thanks for your help Darius!

Laura Guo

Sr. Analyst at TT Electronics plc
May 27, 2019,
“Darius and the i-75 videos make the learning process enjoyable and effective. From preparing and sitting for the first CPA exam section to the last CPA exam section, it took 5 months to pass all four sections with single attempt for each section. Darius’s way of teaching provides an exceptional way to help people understand the knowledge and reason for each concept. Darius is extremely supportive to his students!”

Zohaib Zafar

Associate Analyst II at AML RightSource
June 19, 2019,
“I passed REG because Darius is extremely knowledgeable, easy to understand and concise!”

Carmen Mejia

Passed all four parts of the CPA Exam!
June 21, 2019

When I found Darius I had passed REG and had failed BEC a couple times. Once I started using his materials I passed FAR and AUD on the first try and conquered my beast BEC to complete my CPA journey. Hear me when I say there is NO other CPA review software like his!! He takes the most complex materials and breaks it down in a very simplistic way so that anyone from recent grad to a seasoned professional can understand.. Thank you Darius!!

Those Who Passed Using the i-75 Course in Q4 2019
Those who passed the CPA Exam Recently using i-75! Swati REG, Natalia B REG, Robert BEC, Sandy REG, Mitch FAR, Andrea REG, Alex REG, Merrewilned BEC, Sarika AUD, Anna FAR, John Audit, David REG, with a 92!, Corey BEC, Yancy BEC, Chandni REG and Audit, Lindsey BEC, Bobby A. FAR, Arthur FAR, Anne BEC, Sandy BEC & AUD, Cassidy FAR, Nathaniel REG, Yash BEC, JaJuan FAR & BEC, Pratham AUD, Rita REG & AUD, Hashi FAR, Beemish REG and BEC, Tanner Audit and BEC, Nirav FAR, Mark REG, Gregory BEC, Arthur REG, Concordio BEC and REG, Andrea Audit and FAR, Natalia FAR, Carmen BEC, Henry REG, Sadi AUD, Hannah REG, Shannon AUD, Deepa REG, Ira AUD, Olu REG, David BEC, Merryl REG, Ezra FAR, Jacob G BEC, Dexter AUD and REG, Laura FAR, Lindsey AUD and REG, Mary BEC and AUD, Stephanie AUD, Jordan FAR, Cornelia REG, Rich BEC, Brad BEC, Sarah BEC, Natalie FAR, Diana FAR, Steven C. FAR, Simran BEC, Luke REG, Beemish AUD and FAR, Carmen BEC, Saul BEC and REG, Jen FAR, Nathan FAR, Lisa Audit, Abby FAR, Joseph REG, Zachary REG, Jeffrey REG, Sharan BEC, Josh AUD and REG, Natalia FAR, Michael REG, Lily REG, Shalaka BEC, Thereze REG, Alesia REG, Hailee FAR, Lisa REG, Joy BEC, Brett FAR, Lynn AUD, Beth FAR, Lara AUD, Stephen A. FAR, Mick AUD,

CPA Exam Tutor and Certified Public Accountant, Darius Clark now offers the i-75 course! A complete 4 part CPA Study Course for $699! A quarter of the price of Becker and Wiley. The i-75 CPA Exam Review Course has about a 91% Passing Rate and the passing rate rises even higher when you include a tutoring option.

Tutoring Student

Welcome to CPA Exam Tutoring

91% Passing Rate

Our CPA Exam Review Course jumped from 84% to a 91% Passing Rate! Higher than all of our competition! The CPA Exam National Average is under 50%

Completely Based on the AICPA Blueprint!

Here at CPA Exam Tutoring. All of our lectures, videos, quizzes, and study content is all based on the topics that the AICPA blueprint outlines! This insures you learn and retain the right information and get completely prepared!

#1 Most Recommended Course!

The i-75 Course has more recommendations than Becker, Wiley, Surgent, Gleim, and all the rest! Check our i-75 Hall of Fame or Darius Clark's linked in profile to see them all!

Easiest To Follow CPA Exam Videos

Every Video is a handpicked topic recorded by Darius himself. All outlined with the clearest instructions to follow. All Topics are Based on the AICPA Blueprint!

The Full i-75 Course has about 5,000 multiple choice questions

Our carefully selected questions are all based on the AICPA Blueprint and very likely to appear on the exam. No distracting outlier questions!

Live Private Tutoring Sessions with Darius Clark!

Completely Unique to i-75. We offer our very own CPA Exam Private Tutoring option. You get one-on-one help with the “kingmaker” Darius Clark himself! Add 10+ Points to Your CPA Exam Score With just a few Sessions with Darius!

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