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Who is The i-75 CPA Review Supplement for?

Here at i-75, we give you many options. Whether you are a New CPA Candidate, or you have gotten lost on your journey, i-75 is Your Road to CPA. The Reason why i-75 is the #1 CPA Review Supplement is because Darius Clark simplifies the CPA Exam Material. Here at i-75 you are not expected to read anything or know anything prior to watching each video. When you finish watching each video you will be confident and ready to anticipate the next question! No one else spoon-feeds the material to you the way Darius does. That’s why i-75 has the highest Passing Rate in the industry! You’ve seen our YouTube Videos and read about us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Let Darius do for you, what he’s done for many of your friends and co-workers! 

Darius Helps one candidate at a time!

I knew there was a need for CPA Exam Tutoring. I did well in college accounting but then came the CPA Exam and all the horror stories turned out to be true. What’s the real story? Do you think I, Darius Clark, the Kingmaker, passed the first time?  No. I didn’t pass the first time. And, I didn’t pass the second time either. Then I took a year off from studying to determine whether I wanted it badly enough. I was going to have to earn the Universal passing score of 75 just like everyone else. I knew that the AICPA was not going to bring the exam down to my level just so that I could pass. Bottom Line, when I finally did pass FAR, Audit, BEC, and REG, I knew the material so well that could teach CPA Review! Would a course hire me? I had to pay my dues, took attendance, handed out books, and then came the day, I taught my first CPA Review Course. I quickly became their #1 instructor and taught live in person, for a few years.  The best part was that students would come up to me after class and asked if I could tutor them privately, so that’s how CPAexamTutoring.com got started. In 2010, I tutored one or two students per day, by 2012 about 3 or 4 per day. By 2015, it was 7 or 8 students per day, all private sessions, one- on- one, via Skype. By 2016 I had a big waiting list and that is when I made the decision to start a small CPA Review Supplement, and have each recorded lecture, seem like a one on one CPA Exam Tutoring session because the sessions were so popular and so successful!

What does the i-75 CPA Review Course Supplement Consist of?

Full 4 Part Course

#1 Rated Videos

5,000 Relevant M/C Questions

#1 Most Recomended Course

All Updates Included

Learn at your own time and pace

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