AICPA Release Questions-Audit-May 2020-Narrated Answer Explanations by Darius Clark-FREE!

In May of 2020, the AICPA released dozens of Multiple Choice Questions that had recently been tested on the CPA Audit Exam. When NASBA and the AICPA release these questions, they release the letter answer without the explanations. Candidates should have an understanding of these questions before going to the Prometric Testing Center but be sure not to obsess over any one particular question as these questions are NOT likely to appear on the exam in the exact same format. For that reason, Darius Clark tries to anticipate what the next question might look like based on the question that was released. Because Darius works with CPA Candidates and CPA Review material every day, he knows better than most what the CPA Exam is likely to ask with regard to any given topic. This is the first of the Audit video series where Darius narrates and explains the AICPA Audit Questions from May 2020. The complete presentation appears in the i-75 CPA Review Course in the last Chapter of i-75 Audit. Some of the topics that were tested in the i-75 Audit release questions were Independence, Ethics, planning and engagement acceptance, communication with the audit committee, predecessor auditor, internal controls in the inventory cycle, assessing the risk of fraud, internal control over financial reporting for an issuer, materiality for group and component financial statement audits, competence and objectivity of internal auditors, statistical and non-statistical sampling, hierarchy of audit evidence, management representation letter, comparative financial statements, subsequent events, subsequent discovery of facts, date of audit report, audit of a single financial statement or element, letter for an underwriter (comfort letter) alert and restricted use reports, emphasis of matter and other matters paragraph, internal control over financial reporting for an issuer, covered members, preparation engagement, compilation and review engagement, entity level controls, top down approach to an integrated audit, walk-through procedures, service organizations, Type 1 and Type 2 reports, assessing risks at the financial statement level, substantive testing, analytical procedures, attribute and variable sampling, related party transactions, negative assurance, pro forma, assertions and much more. All of these questions are from the AICPA blueprint and could be tested again in multiple choice or task based simulation.

AICPA Release Questions-Answer Explanations-May 2020
Part 2 of the May 2020, AICPA Release Audit Questions-Answer Explanations by Darius Clark-

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