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One Part Specials

Need only One Part?

Need only FAR, Audit, BEC, or REG? The price of one part is $109.00 monthly, (subscription can be cancelled anytime). One part plans can also be purchased for $299.00 for 6 MONTHS! Comes with our Narrated Question Videos, Viewing Access to my Signature PowerPoint Slides, Test Bank Questions, 2 Final Exam Testlets, and now includes the “must know” 75 question ebook for your selected section. Get one part for a significantly lower price than any of our competition! i-75 has you covered!

Plan Options

  • $109

    For a Monthly Subscription of any Individual Part​

  • $299

    For a 180 Days (6 Months) Access​


Full i-75 Course Any Part. (FAR, Audit, BEC, or REG) Darius's Premium #1 Narrated Question Videos, All The Multiple Choice Questions, Chapter Tests, Final Exam Testlets, and . Viewing Access to the Signature PowerPoint Presentations. The Full Course has a 91% Passing Rate as of Sept. 30 2019


$109 Monthly Subscription for whatever Part You Need, can be immediately rolled over to your next part when you are done. No need to cancel and resubscribe.

Includes The i-75 ebook of "must know" 75 questions for your selected section.

Darius Clark has recently launched 75 question ebooks for each section that is included in your Subscription.


When you become a member of i-75, Darius is available to answer all CPA Exam related questions. Just shoot an email or DM us on instagram.

Want All 4 Parts? Click Here!

For only $799, You can buy all 4 Parts. Instead of subscribing for a month or two you, get ACCESS UNTIL YOU PASS to all 4 Parts. Best Deal On the planet!