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Master the CPA Exam with Darius’s Premium Videos! The Number 1 Reason Why The i-75 CPA Review Course is the highest rated Course, is that Darius Does Not Lecture. Instead of lecturing, Darius narrates the questions. The very questions that you may see on your test. How do we know? Many of the AICPA newly released questions look as if they have come right out of the i-75 Test Bank. Don’t be fooled by big banner marketing campaigns and “industry experts” who’s lectures put you to sleep. Here at i-75, We treat everyone with Dignity and Courtesy. We don’t suck up to the big firms. In fact, Darius himself quickly responds to almost all inquiries.

Who is The i-75 CPA Reveiw Course for?

Whether you are a New CPA Candidate, or you have gotten lost on your journey, i-75 is Your Road to CPA. The Reason why i-75 is the #1 CPA Review option is because Darius Clark simplifies the CPA Exam Material, no one else spoon-feeds it to you the way Darius does. That's why i-75 has a whopping 91% Passing Rate! You've seen our Youtube Videos.

91% Passing Rate in 2019!

The i-75 Course has the best passing rate of 91%! Way higher than all other CPA Review Courses such as Becker and Wiley! The CPA Exam National Average is under 50%

Easiest To Follow CPA Exam Videos

Every Video is a handpicked topic recorded by Darius himself. All outlined with the clearest instructions to follow and memorize.

5,000 multiple choice questions

Our carefully selected questions are all based on the AICPA Blueprint and very likely to appear on the exam. No distracting outlier questions!

Completely Based on the AICPA Blueprint! Updated For 2020!

Here at CPA Exam Tutoring. All of our lectures, videos, quizzes, and study content is all based on the topics that the AICPA blueprint outlines! This insures you learn and retain the right information and get completely prepared!

i-75 Course is The #1 Most Recommended Course!

The CPA Exam Tutoring as a whole has more recommendations than Becker, Wiley, Surgent, Gleim, and all the rest! Check our i-75 Hall of Fame or Darius Clark's linked in profile to see them all!

Live Private Tutoring Sessions with Darius Clark!

Completely Unique to i-75. We offer our very own CPA Exam Private Tutoring option. You get one-on-one help with the “kingmaker” Darius Clark himself! Add 10+ Points to Your CPA Exam Score With just a few Sessions with Darius!

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Today in 2020, the online i-75 CPA Review Course is all you will ever need to pass all 4 CPA Exams! Here at i-75, you can subscribe for $109 per month for All 4 Parts or you can pay once and have access until you pass! This is not just a supplement, i-75 is a Complete CPA Review Course. If you buy i-75 you do not need any other CPA Review Material. We got you Covered. You Can Buy the i-75 CPA Review Course in Full and have access until you pass, or you can subscribe and pay monthly for access. Whatever you are financially able to do, we will Teach you Exactly How to Pass the CPA Exam! No You will not Pass The Exam in 6 Months! But here at i-75 we give u necessary tools and resources to pass quicker with less of a headache. i-75 is the best CPA Review Course for Visual and Auditory Learners Alike! All of our Material has been specifically updated for 2020! 

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