i-75 CPA Review Course

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July 11, 2020

"I found Darius's videos half way through. Used them for Audit and Reg. I honestly do not think I would have passed REG SIMS without his videos. i-75 has one SIM that was not in either Becker or Roger that I actually had on my test. I was like "Wait - I know this!" I recommend i-75 to everyone I know who is in the process."
Stacy Ann Manginello
Controller at Paul Carlson CPA

June 20, 2020

Would highly recommend Darius and his I-75 CPA Review course. My score went up 13 points through one month of his help for BEC! Will definitely be using his courses to wrap up my CPA journey!
Giselle Kirkhuff
Insurance Assurance Associate at PwC

June 22, 2020

“I found Darius’ videos and I’m glad I did. I ended up passing all 4 parts just with the I-75 CPA review course. I tried Roger CPA and Becker but Darius videos were better.. and cheaper. Definitely worth it.”
Matthew Seymour
Manager, Finance Operations at Hair Club

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Can't exactly afford the Full Price? Well we decided to make it easier for you and offer subscription access to all 4 Parts. Monthly payment of $109. Can be Cancelled at Anytime.

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By: Darius Clark

i-75 CPA Review Course

Darius Clark’s i-75 CPA Review Course is the Highest Rated and Lowest Priced! Here at i-75, we have one goal in mind. Helping You Finally Pass the CPA Exam. What makes i-75 different from the Becker’s and the Wiley’s, is that we deal directly with you, the students. Darius puts each student first and responds to questions within an hour. For just $749, get the instructions you need to pass all 4 Parts. Join The i-75 Family and Finally get your CPA License! We Only Teach What Is Likely To Be on the Actual CPA Exam. When You Purchase The i-75 CPA Review Course, You Will Receive Access To Our #1 Rated Videos, Chapter tests, Final Exam Testlets, and now includes the “must know” 75 question ebook for each part! This option never expires! You gain Full Access, until you pass all 4 Parts! If you want to include Private Tutoring, you can purchase the Tutoring Bundle. The Tutoring Bundle or “Gold Special” will Cost you $1,599. It will come with an additional 10 Private Tutoring Sessions with Darius himself. Even if you don’t buy the Tutoring Bundle, you can still buy additional Tutoring later whenever you decide you need it. Get the Best CPA Review Course Material and save $2,000! Enough for an Amazing Celebration of your CPA Exam success!

"When it comes to a CPA Candidate, there is no such thing as 'bad student' only 'bad teacher' ."

Possible Options

  • Narrated Simulation Videos

  • 5,000 M/C Questions

  • Final Exam Testlets

  • 4 ebooks

  • Hands On Support

  • Full i-75 Course

  • 10 Tutoring Sessions

  • Everything We Offer

  • 4 ebooks

  • Hands On Support

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Sign Up For the 2020 i-75 CPA Review Course Today. Darius has been successful at helping CPA Review Students Study and Pass All 4 Parts, for over a decade. Pass The CPA Exam at your own speed. When you buy the Full i-75 Course, you never have to renew. This CPA Exam Study Course will be yours until you pass for only $749. And if you want 10 Tutoring sessions as well, get the Tutoring Bundle for just $1,599 and its like getting 3 sessions free!


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s a different approach. Darius doesn’t lecture. He narrates all the questions that you need to pass the exam. 

 I-75 CPA Review Course includes Darius’s Premium Videos, “Test Bank”, Narrated Video Simulations, and 2 Testlets. There are probably more multiple choice questions in i-75 than in Becker, Wiley or Ninja.

If you already have another CPA Review Course, HMU and I will show you how to best use i-75 with whatever else you have.

Absolutely Yes! In each video Darius remembers 3 things when teaching each video.

  1. The student is not an expert and quite likely has never been exposed to this content before.
  2. Probably forgot more than they remember if they did ever learn it.
  3. Isn’t particularly interested in any of this except for passing the exam. 

It absolutely does. We offer everything you need to pass the CPA Exam. No more, no less. And being the fact that Another 71 prohibits any reference to the i-75 CPA Review Course. He must also know that i-75 is all you need to pass.