One Part Specials

Need only One Part?

Need only FAR, Audit, BEC, or REG? One part plans can purchased for $299.00 for 6 MONTHS! Or you can get the 10 Day $79 Cram Course. Or you can also get the New and Improved Monthly Subscription for the same price of $109! We made it so you can easily start your next part without having to cancel and resubscribe! So when your done with one you can immediately switch to your next one without the hassle! All one Part Plans come with our Narrated Question Videos, Viewing Access to our Signature PowerPoint Slides, Test Bank Questions, 2 Final Exam Testlets, and now includes the “must know” 75 question ebook for your selected section. Get one part for a significantly lower price than any of our competition! i-75 has you covered!

Plan Options

  • $109

    New and Improved Monthly Subscription!

  • $299

    For a 180 Days (6 Months) Access​


Full i-75 Course Any Part. (FAR, Audit, BEC, or REG) Darius's Premium #1 Narrated Question Videos, All The Multiple Choice Questions, Chapter Tests, Final Exam Testlets, and . Viewing Access to the Signature PowerPoint Presentations. The Full Course has a 91% Passing Rate as of Sept. 30 2019


$109 Monthly Subscription for whatever Part You Need, can be immediately rolled over to your next part when you are done. No need to cancel and resubscribe.

Includes The i-75 ebook of "must know" 75 questions for your selected section.

Darius Clark has recently launched 75 question ebooks for each section that is included in your Subscription.


When you become a member of i-75, Darius is available to answer all CPA Exam related questions. Just shoot an email or DM us on instagram.

Where's The Old $109 Monthly Subscription?

You can still Subscribe monthly, but it’s even better now. You get Access to All 4 Parts with the same price!