CPA March Madness Special



The CPA Exam is Changing, Be Prepared with the i-75 March Madness Special!. For $999 you get 30 Months of Access and here is the Slam Dunk; If you pass any parts between now and 12-31-2023, You Win Money! Pass 1 Part, WIN $25. Pass 2 Parts, WIN $50 more, for a total winning of $75! Pass 3 parts, WIN $75 more, for a total winning of $150!. Pass all 4 Parts, WIN $150 More, for a Total Winning of $300! Cannot be combined with any other offer, and 100% Non-Refundable. Parts passed before April 3, 2023 are not applicable for cash award. To Win Money, Parts must be passed between April 3 and December 31, 2023. You still get 30 Months total of i-75 access (including the new exams ISC, BAR, and TCP) so you can’t lose! 30 Months of access or until you pass, whichever comes first! The March Madness Offer expires soon so why wait?!