Gold Special; Full Course Tutoring Bundle! 5 Tutoring Sessions with Darius!


The i-75 Gold Special consists of the i-75 CPA Review Course. All 4 Parts Until you Pass! The Full Course includes all narrated question videos, test banks, and final exam testlets! In the i-75 Gold Special you get an addition of 4 live tutoring sessions! The Gold Special gives you the best of both Worlds! The Complete i-75 course as well as of 4 one-on-one Live Tutoring Sessions with Darius Clark!

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Gold Special! All 4 Parts until you pass!+5 Tutoring Sessions

Those who passed the CPA Exam Recently using i-75! Congratulations to Kiru (BEC), Giselle (BEC), Lindsey (FAR, Done!) Judd L. (Audit), Pratham (REG, Done!), Shannon (FAR), Judd E. (Audit) Caleb (BEC), Maryna (FAR, done!) Britt (REG), Sandy (FAR), Trina (FAR), Jordan (REG), Nickesha (REG), Natalia T (REG), Samira (Audit), ShirBriya (Audit), Robert (REG, Done!) Hashi (Audit), Josh (FAR), Johan (REG), Judd (FAR), Dava (BEC)! Charlie (FAR), Swati (REG), Natalia B (REG, with a 92, Done!), Robert (BEC), Sandy (REG), Mitch (FAR) Andrea (REG, Done!) Alex (REG), Merrewilned (BEC, Done!) Sarika (Audit) Deepa (Audit, Done!), Tanner (REG, Done!) Lindsey (BEC), Chandni (REG and Audit), Concordio (BEC) David (REG).