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Here at CPA Exam Tutoring, Tutoring is our middle name! If you need a Tutor for the CPA Exam. Darius Clark is the “Kingmaker”. He is the most successful CPA Exam Private Tutor on the internet. In fact, he has the highest number of reviews on linkedin. His hands on Private Tutoring can help you Add 10+ Points to Your CPA Exam Score With only just a few Sessions with Darius. See video for more information. To learn more about CPA Exam Tutoring and Darius Clark Click the button to the bottom right. To inquire for Private Tutoring sessions scroll to the bottom. You can schedule as many tutoring sessions as you need whatever time and day you want! Doesn’t matter whether you live in NYC, Boston, LA, Long Island, or even India. As long as Darius has a slot open, he can help you! 

Customer reviews

“Darius helped me with all four sections. I went into every exam with the confidence that I was ready for whatever the examiners wanted to throw my way. He is extremely gifted at what he does in making difficult topics easy to understand and remember. He is one of the most organized and professional and committed teachers I have ever had. I cannot say enough great things about him. Thanks again, Darius!”
Veteran CPA
Shaun Johnson
Tax at PwC
“After attempting FAR twice and missing it by 3 and then 2 points I was frustrated and felt very discouraged. I was referred to Darius by a friend. The way Darius explains things makes all the difference, so much easier to follow and understand than Becker’s videos. Darius broke out the concepts to understand the why, and that’s what I was missing. I felt way more confident and it paid off! I raised my score by 14 points and passed FAR! I have now successfully completed the CPA exam! Thank you Darius! ”
Heather Jercinovic, CTP
Supervisor Accounting and Treasury
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