Thinking About Live Tutoring? Choose CPA Exam Tutoring!

Thinking about CPA Exam Tutoring? Bottom Line, Every Student that Darius Clark Tutor’s, Passes the CPA Exam! Here’s the Deal, we meet on skype and each session is live, one on one. I provide all the special Tutoring material for each tutoring session. I give you homework after each. One session with Darius will allow you to know whether you are ready to pass the CPA Exam. Just 2 or 3 Live one-on-one Sessions with the “Kingmaker” will add 10 points to your CPA Exam Score! Live tutoring is also perfect for those who nearing the end of their 18 month window and will lose credit for FAR if they fail to pass REG. They don’t call Darius Clark the “kingmaker” for no reason. He is the premiere CPA Exam Tutor.

The i-75 Course is set up for those who are trying to learn the material at its finest to pass each part. However if you need a more hands on approach or have an expiring window, CPA Exam Tutoring is definitely for you! Darius Clark has never had one student fail through live tutoring. He’s been a CPA Exam Tutor for over a decade. Hit us up, and lets schedule a session so you are ready to pass FAR, REG, Audit or BEC!

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If you are Thinking about CPA Exam Tutoring and want to sign up. Click the Inquire button to Sign up for CPA Exam Tutoring. Darius will give you your price and you get to choose the times of each session.

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