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Here at i-75, CPA Exam Tutoring is our middle name! If you need a Tutor for the CPA Exam, Darius Clark is the “Kingmaker”. Darius is the most successful CPA Exam Tutor on the internet. In fact, he has the highest number of reviews and recommendations on LinkedIn. His hands on Tutoring can help you Add 10+ Points to Your CPA Exam Score. i-75 Subscribers now have their choice of live one-on-one tutoring (expensive but highly effective), or “group tutoring” an excellent value ($39 for a 75 minute session!) With tutoring you will learn faster and gain more confidence!

Customer reviews

Asa Tyler
Senior - Transaction Advisory Services at EY

Darius is an absolutely outstanding instructor and mentor throughout the CPA exam process. Most CPA exam materials, be it Becker or another software, have a classic flaw in this 21st-century era of exam preparation in that they lack an active learning process in which a student can ask questions to a real human being and understand why a concept or idea is wrong. Darius solves that, and provides one-on-one Skype sessions seven days a week, with slides, questions, and most importantly, his availability and willingness to explain and answer any questions you have or parts you may struggle with along the way (a key component for active learners). In addition, Darius takes complex sections of the exam, makes them easier to understand, and focuses you on what you really need to know. Darius helped me to pass all 4 parts of the CPA exam within 18 months, and was worth every penny as it would not have been possible otherwise.

Jordan Gewirtz
Tax Staff Accountant | Accounting Analyst | Financial Analyst

Rarely when people have a vision for improving a process, do they actually do it. Thankfully for you and me, Darius did. Other CPA courses are rushed and their lectures are not done by people who actually prepared the material. Great teachers, like Darius, prepare lessons themselves and truly evaluate how to best break down a concept and how to best organize the information. The course Darius has put together is methodical and thorough. I would highly recommend the i-75 course to anyone trying to pass the CPA exam. I feel I can also speak to Darius as a person. He helped me in his private sessions as I got through the exams. His timely advice and constantly being there when I needed for an hour or a question was invaluable. He understands the struggle with the CPA exam and is a tremendous ally to anyone taking his course.

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