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The CPA Exam is changing July 1st, will i-75 have me ready for those changes?

Yes, i-75 already includes the new content being tested starting July 1st. No other CPA Review Course yet has these changes implemented


Is i-75 CPA Review a complete course or just a supplement?

A. The i-75 Full Course Bundle is designed to be a Complete CPA Review Course, Everything You Need to Pass FAR, Audit, BEC and REG. For those who only need a supplement, I recommend the i-75 “skinny bundle” if you already have Becker, Wiley etc.


What is the difference between the i-75 “Full Course Bundle” and the “Skinny Bundle”?

A. The “Skinny Bundle” gives you everything that the “Full Course” has, except for the multiple choice tests that follow after each chapter. If you want the multiple choice chapter tests, get the full course. The “Skinny” is enough for those who already have a “FAT” Test Bank.


Are all the Videos exactly the same for both the "skinny bundle" and the full course bundle?

A. Yes, All the Videos are exactly the same whether you purchase the full course or “skinny bundle”!


I'm taking Audit, should I buy the Full i-75 Audit or just the "Skinny Audit?"

A. The “Skinny Audit" gives you everything that the “Full Audit" has, except for the multiple choice tests that follow after each chapter. If you want the multiple choice chapter tests, get the "Full Audit" Course.

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How does I-75 matchup to the AICPA blueprints?

A. I-75 is based around what is on the AICPA blueprints. The course is updated now for all the July 1st 2021 changes and will be updated again when changes occur. All updates are free of charge!


How does i-75 best prepare a cpa candidate for the simulations?

A. Simulations on the CPA Exam are just a collection of related topics that would otherwise appear as separate multiple choice. The key to preparing for sims is to have good understanding of the basic concepts. And how do you get that? Always anticipate the next question based on the multiple choice that you just answered. The best news is that i-75 is already designed to help you anticipate the next question!


“Say I purchase the BEC “skinny bundle” and then I take BEC, can I then immediately transfer to FAR “skinny bundle” or do I need to cancel and sign up again?

A. You do NOT need to cancel and sign up again. If you purchase the "skinny bundle" for one part, Hit us up when you take that exam and I will immediately transfer you to another part.


How do I become an i-75 Subscriber?

A. Simply Purchase any of our course options including the full course bundle, "skinny bundle", 2 part bundle, or any of the monthly subscription options.


When I am Finished, How do I cancel an i-75 Monthly Subscription?

A. Go into your PayPal account and cancel the automatic payment or let us know and we will cancel it for you!

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